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Date: Dec 04, 2011

I had my truck done earlier in the year and the previous company swirled my paint. Not only was Jeff able to remove the swirl marks, he also did an outstanding job removing and fading some annoying...
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I have my car detailed instead of bringing it to the car wash?
Because with a detail company you have that one-on-one experience and become more educated about what your car needs and how often it needs it. Also with a detail company you know exactly who is cleaning your car every time.

2. Why should I bother having my car detailed if I am selling it?
Having your car detailed before selling it raises the value and gets the buyer to pay asking price due to the cleanliness of the vehicle inside and out.

3. Who will be working on my car?
A ForeverClean specialist with experience and knowledge of caring for all your car needs.

4. What does ForeverClean Mobile Detail do to protect the paint on my vehicle?
There are several different types of paint protection on the market that we use to. We use the proper technique when washing and drying your vehicle and also when applying polishes and waxes.

5. How long does a wax job last
Typically between 1-3 months depending upon the maintenance kept on the vehicle. We suggest a wax every 2-3 months.

6. How should I wash my vehicle between waxing?
We offer an affordable car wash package in between waxing to help keep your vehicle shining. And you can do it yourself by using a car wash shampoo and a lamb’s wool mitt and a proper drying cloth.

7. Buffing and waxing is the same thing aren’t they?
NO. They can be interpreted as the same, but they are applied differently.

8. My car is new, do I still need it detailed?
Yes. Because the of the changing of the weather when the seasons change it can cause damage to the clear coat on your paint surface. If the vehicle is not protected it can cause the clear to crack, peel and fade.

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